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SUSTAINABILITY? people, energy and waste

July 4, 2019


We believe that each person has the right to have a good workplace with good standards and ambience. By Maria Foundation guarantees our workers a decent work based on the definition of the International Labour Organization. The social securities are cover giving our workers more safety for the present and future. By Maria Foundation provides its workers with training and transport’s subventions to visit courses to increase their know-how and general education.



Our shoemakers are independent and provide their services to By Maria Foundation. They are paid per shoes-pair produced, having compensation much higher than usual is in the market.


Our workshops

We work with artisans. Since we don’t work with mass productions, our workshops are based on three artisans with experience, two apprentices, and one administrator. At least 2 women should be part of the team in every By Maria Foundation workshop. We are working with national Institutions to include in our workshops people who were displaced during the internal conflict and also ex-combatant which need be re-integrated in the society.


Waste management

The leftovers of the production are leather, rubber, glues and plastic bins of some products. Some of these products like rubber and leather can be used in other parts of the production. The other leftovers are separated, assorted and giving to the solid waste collection services, which should recycle those.



Our workshops are equipped with modern machinery which consumes less energy as the current local workshops have. For the production, there is the need to have enough light however we use led lighting wherever is possible.


On Demand

By Maria Foundation doesn’t have massive production and is concentrated only on-demand orders. This kind of production consumes less energy, raw material and produces also less waste to the environment. Through this practice By Maria Foundation wants to reduce the unnecessary consumption of resources and wants also to be part of a new era of sustainable footwear and clothes production.


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