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Upper: Leather, Lining: Leather, Closing system: buckle, Insole: Leather and latex, Sole: Rubber, Heel:1.5

by Catalina Jossen Cardozo

published on: June 22, 2018

160 $
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Product details

Upper: Leather
Lining: Leather
Closing system: buckle
Insole: Leather and latex
Sole: Rubber
Heel: 1 cm

The soul

This collection is about this girl who sleeps inside of every woman.

This collection looks after the inner side of us. This moment where we still want to feel pretty but comfortable, easy without intentions. No intention to be superwoman, competitive professional, the perfect partner, perfect mama, just us. This person who was before any other role in our lives, without fear, without expectations.


catalina collection sketch
catalina collection sketch
catalina collection sketch

Inspirational pictures

catalina inspirational picture


catalina inspirational picture

Quote: Published April 8, 2015 Written by Erica Tempesta For

Weight: 0.7 kg

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Upper: Leather
Upper leather from: La Hispano Tennery – Bogotá, Colombia
Lining: Leather
Lining from: Insumos Moretti – Bogotá, Colombia
Insole: Leather and latex
Insole from: Insumos Moretti – Bogotá, Colombia
Sole: Rubber
Solo from: Main Colombia – Bogotá, Colombia

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Weight 0.7 kg



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