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Upper: Leather, Upper: Textile 02 BIO1 Recycled cotton 100%, Lining: Leather, Closing system: Laces, Insole: Leather and latex, Sole: Leather, High Heel: 3.5 cm

by Margarita Torres

published on: June 20, 2018

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Product details

Upper: Leather
Upper: Textile 02 BIO1 Recycled cotton 100%
Lining: Leather
Closing system: Laces
Insole: Leather and latex
Sole: Leather
High Heel: 3.5 cm

Urban Tale (Cuento Urbano)

Inspiration came initially from brides and their weddings. Lately, there has been a strong trend in vintage weddings; of course, shoes are also designed to coordinate that beautiful moment. I’ve always loved vintage and romantic shoes.

This time I wanted to transform romantic vintage into urban vintage; giving shoes the quality of a daily wearable. This implies the evolution of silhouettes into something more casual, maybe more rustic; the use of different materials and textures, from shiny to matte, from soft to apparent roughness; and of course the transformation in color, from pastels to autumnal colors, from delicate to strong. Nonetheless, still feminine.

Keeping vintage, introducing urban. Textures, aesthetics, and colors in urban vintage take us to a place of wooden shades highlighted with one bright color. My bright color will be red; as it is my favorite color, but it is also an empowering color to make us, women, stand out.




margarita collection sketch
margarita collection sketch

Inspirational pictures

margarita inspirational picture
margarita inspirational picture
margarita inspirational picture

Weight: 0.5 kg

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Upper: Leather
Upper leather from: La Hispano Tennery – Bogotá, Colombia
Upper: Textile 02 BIO1 Recycled cotton 100% Colombia
Upper textile from: Textiles Romanos – Bogotá, Colombia
Lining: Leather
Lining from: Insumos Moretti – Bogotá, Colombia
Insole: Leather and latex
Insole from: Insumos Moretti – Bogotá, Colombia
Sole: Leather
Solo from: Fonseca – Bogotá, Colombia

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Black, Gray, Textile Gray


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