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Leather Soft Nappa, Lining: Leather, Insole: Leather and latex, Sole: Rubber, Heel: Wrap Soft Nappa, High Heel: 7.5 cm & 4.5 cm

by Alfredo Luis González Parra

published on: June 18, 2018

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Product details

Leather Soft Nappa
Lining: Leather
Insole: Leather and latex
Sole: Rubber
Heel: Wrap Soft Nappa
High Heel: 7.5 cm & 4.5 cm

La Habana elegante

This collection of shoes is inspired by nostalgic and personal memories from my childhood in Havana.
Memories based around my grandmother’s stories of the fifties. She used to tell me all sorts of tales and showed me pictures from the magazines of that time, which she still had. The end of the fifties brought many changes to Cuban society. She referred to this period as The Time of Transition, as the revolution had begun and with it came the revolutionary woman. A woman who began to shed the bourgeois lifestyle and becoming more present in society, but a woman who would always hold
on to her elegance.

This collection maintains and proudly shows these characteristics with the simplicity of lines that comprise the footwear, as well as the use of lined block heels. These heels offer greater stability and are suitable for all sorts of events, echoing the changing times they are inspired by. This small collection does not try to follow the latest footwear trends and is more about timelessness and simplicity, but much more than that, it is about remembering the elegance during those turbulent times that was Havana in the fifties.

The designs are made up of simple pieces and each design is imagined in different ways, taking into account the materials available. This means that each model can be reproduced in different combinations of colours and textures, which makes it possible to produce different versions of the same model.


sketch olga
sketch olga
alfredo collection sketch

Inspirational pictures

alfredo inspirational image

alfredo inspirational image

Quote: http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/natalia-bolivar-cuban-revolution-women-1.3877753
Women participated in the revolution to varying degrees, says Chase. Some organized protests like the one above; others distributed propaganda material or helped hide rebels from the authorities. A small group fought alongside the men in Castro’s rebel army. (Private collection of Silvia Arrom)


Weight: 0.5 kg

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Upper: Leather
Upper leather from: La Hispano Tennery – Bogotá, Colombia
Lining: Leather
Lining from: Insumos Moretti – Bogotá, Colombia
Insole: Leather and latex
Insole from: Insumos Moretti – Bogotá, Colombia
Sole: Rubber
Solo from: Plantimoda – Bogotá, Colombia

Additional information

Weight .5 kg

Black, Wine

High of the heel

4.5, 7.5


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