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SUSTAINABILITY? Material Suppliers and Logistics

July 4, 2019

Material Suppliers



We always try to source our raw materials locally, supporting Colombia’s economy and industry. Most of the materials can be bought directly in Bogotá avoiding unnecessary transportation. The most important raw product is the leather which is obtained from tanneries with several years of experience. The hides using in those tanneries are by-product of meat production.




Just a few materials are imported from overseas suppliers. This happens when we are not able to find an industry that produces the materials locally. Another important factor to buy materials abroad is the control of quality and sustainable production. Our goal is one day to bring know-how and good practices for each of our suppliers to have sustainable production.



Supplier Standards

We have set high standards in eco-friendly manufacturing processing and fair and safe labour practices. In the production of raw material, the standards remain to be low and sometimes is complicated to find suppliers which fulfil our requirements. However, we use the best-in-class strategy and work with the best suppliers in the market.


Packaging & Logistic

recycled-boxesRecycled boxes

Our products are delivered in carton boxes that can be recycled after its use. We try to avoid the use of plastic in our production and packaging. For us is important to find soon a packaging supplier in Colombia which use products of 100% recycled paper.





Our products can only be purchased online and are delivered through e-commerce directly to the final client. As the shopping process has to be completed online (without the possibility to go to a shop), the gas emissions are approximately 50% lower than that of the traditional shopping process.




No Stores & Inventories

By Maria is an online platform without physical stores and inventories. Shoes are only produced when the final client make the order on homepage. In this way, no energy and space are used to their maintenance, unnecessary waste production is avoided, and the logistics to these places is non-existent.





The product’s quality has to be high to ensure its durability and reduce the environmental impact. The durability of products produces less waste and contamination. Our mission is to provide products with high quality and durability conserving the environment and social good practices.





High Quality

We consider that the high quality of products contributes to the protection of the environment avoiding the use of cheap and toxic materials. By Maria guarantee products of quality using the best materials and proper technologies for production.

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