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Sustainability? Our mid-term goal

July 3, 2019

We know sustainability and fair trade are not just trend terms. It’s a need, where we all have to work together to achieve. We know minor changes in the current systems, as the footwear industry, cannot change the negative impact we are witnessing. Therefore, our system took all the supply chain elements and change the way they interact, towards a more sustainable chain.

Our mid-term goal

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Policies

In every business, a ton of stuff is needed. The environment impact can also manage including policies and best practices across all our operations. We want to prioritize products with recycled content and opt for solutions that are recyclable and biodegradable. These policies should be applied for everything for example when office things, cleaning products, shipping materials and manufacturing equipment have to be purchased.

Tracking of an environmental footprint

In the business world, it is almost impossible to have production without any carbon footprint. However, every business should pay compensation for the produced CO2, giving back and replacing to the environment what it has used and spent. We want to do it in the form of offsets. Basically, we want help/pay in programs, in exchange for the emission used by our production. This will be done after a competent organization makes an assessment of our production chain.

Better Wages standards for our workers

Every worker should have a salary which provides economic stability in their life. As By Maria Foundation finds itself in the first year of production, all our workers receive their payments based on every pair-shoes made. However, we want to give our people more stability and pay a based compensation: First, a fix living wage stipulated for the Colombian Government and second, an extra payment depending on the sales made per month. Thus, By Maria Foundation shoemakers will have economic stability and compensations higher than the living wages.

Better waste management

There is a need to better form of waste management in the workshops. Our goal is to produce less waste as possible and use more biodegradable products. However, we need more research for better practices in recycling and treatment of the waste.

Recycling end of life Shoes

Although By Maria products are of high quality and long durability, they wouldn’t exist forever. We want to work together with Universities and Institutes to find solutions for the treatment and recycling of the shoes after its end life. We know that the most convenient way is to use biodegradable materials, but the technology isn’t ready yet to this kind of production.

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